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The Story of West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette: The Pledge of Allegiance and the Freedom of Thought


  1. This case is so important as it shows that the freedom not to speak is just as important as the freedom to speak and should be protected in the same way. I think forcing the children to salute the flag under the justification of unity is also very dangerous because unity is too subjective and to push one’s agenda through the idea of unity infringes on the freedom of expression of others. Moreover, I think that it is a double-edged sword, I think that if someone expects an individual to respect their beliefs, they should also respect the other person’s belief, even if it goes against theirs, and punishing the students is not respecting their beliefs.

  2. I think this topic is related with tolerance. Even that don’t saluting the flag may look disrespect for some people, I think that is nothing wrong with that. Many people take national symbols very seriously others do not. May other people like the Jehovah’s Witnesses consider that it is against their religion. I believe that have to be respect and tolerance between peoples’ beliefs. I think is excessive trying to punish someone because is not agree doing something that goes against him or her belief. It is a violation of the Establisment Clause.

  3. Deleted userNov 1, 2015
    All in all, the work contributes to a body of knowledge because it clarifies what changes in both the composition and jurisprudence of the Court led to Barnette shifting so rapidly from Gobitis. Furthermore, I would somewhat agree with the argument the work presents to justify the decision. While I agree with the notion that the decision set out to protect thought, I believe that idea of the “right not to speak” played an equal part. This serves to protect established thought which digresses from the norm and subsequently allows those who hold opposing views to express these views in an indirect manner.

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